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Asbestos Surveys

A-Tech Consulting, Inc. will send a state certified technician who will utilize the best methods to conduct a limited or comprehensive asbestos survey to suit your exact needs.

What is a Limited Survey?

During a renovation or remodel, you may plan to only disturb a few building materials in areas which you believe will be impacted during renovation in your structure. If this is the case, A-Tech will conduct a limited survey and sample only these select areas for asbestos-content. Damaged building materials that need to be repaired will also fall into the category of a limited asbestos survey.

What is a Comprehensive Survey?

These surveys are designed to cover all materials that could potentially be asbestos-containing in any built structure. This type of survey will give you information on all tested materials and whether or not they contain asbestos.
In the event that any materials contain asbestos, A-Tech will make sure you know exactly where the material is in your structure and the amount of the material.

The survey has been completed, what happens next?

A-Tech takes all samples to a certified laboratory that will analyze all samples taken during the survey. Standard turnaround time is 5 working days, however samples can be analyzed as quickly as three hours from delivery to the laboratory. The laboratory turnaround time is based on your need.

Once the sample results are in, A-Tech can immediately call you with verbal results. This will be followed by a thorough report with all of the survey information. In the event that you cannot understand something or have a question, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help with the inspection process.
My structure has one or more materials which contain asbestos, what do I do?
There are a few options here; you can choose to 1. Maintain the material in intact condition, 2. Repair Damaged material 3. Abate the material.

Option 1. Leave the material alone

There is no reason to abate (remove) the asbestos-containing material (ACM), simply because it is positive, however if the ACM needs to be removed as part of a renovation or the ACM is in damaged or unstable condition, A-Tech recommends attention stabilizing or removing this material.


Option 2. Stabilize

Damaged materials are an immediate exposure hazard and occupants are in danger of breathing asbestos fibers, which is a major health concern. It is imperative that damaged material be stabilized and repaired immediately. Enclosing the asbestos containing material is also an option that can be discussed as part of the maintenance controls for an asbestos project.

Option 3. Abatement

A-Tech has worked with several credentialed and insured abatement contractors who will show up on time and get the work done in a professional and timely manner. At your request, we can provide you with an abatement contractor. A-Tech can monitor the abatement project to ensure that the abatement contractor follows your wishes and all of the correct regulatory guidelines.

We do this to ensure that the project stays in regulatory compliance, lowering your liability, and protecting your interests and your occupants.

Once abatement is completed, A-Tech will make sure that all materials have been properly and completely removed. After this is verified by A-Tech, clearance air monitoring will be conducted by A-Tech to make sure that the air is safe for reoccupation.

Obtaining Clearance Documentation

Clearance documentation will be provided subsequent to completion of the work stating that all work was completed properly and the asbestos containing material has been abated. Often times you need this clearance letter in order to obtain permits for renovation or demolition from the city you are conducting work in.

Lead Surveys

A-Tech has certified lead inspectors who will conduct a survey to delineate which materials contain lead and develop the proper methods to remove or stabilize any lead-containing materials. These surveys are similar to asbestos surveys in that they can be limited or comprehensive based on the client’s request.

Why do I need a lead survey?

Whether or not you are doing a renovation, it is always good to know which materials in your home might contain lead. Many of the effects of lead poisoning are irreversible. A-Tech will work to protect your children, pets, and home from potential lead poisoning by giving various recommendations that will allow you to decide how to treat lead exposure risks based on the project specific situation and budget.

Removal or Stabilization?

A-Tech recommends that lead components in fair or poor condition be stabilized by a properly licensed lead abatement contractor. Stabilization is a cost effective and acceptable management practice for lead containing components. It is essential to be aware that lead containing building components must be monitored visually to ensure that deterioration and lead exposure does not occur. Based on your desired final product, the lead containing components can be removed completely. This eliminates any future concern of exposure to lead dust.


Mold can grow nearly anywhere under the right circumstances. A-Tech will assess a property for utilizing a multi-layered approach. First, on-site interviews are conducted to obtain information on known moisture intrusion occurrences, areas of concern, onset dates, and health symptoms that are present, if any. Once the interview is completed, a full visual assessment is conducted and a moisture intrusion assessment occurs and a moisture level assessment is also conducted utilizing a moisture meter, and thermal graphic imaging is utilized, when appropriate.

If needed, mold sampling is conducted and mold surface and air samples are collected to determine mold levels and exposure. In the event that a property has mold contamination, A-Tech will provide detailed recommendations to conduct specific remediation.

Once all mold remediation is completed, A-Tech will obtain clearance mold air and surface samples and submit them to a certified laboratory for analysis. Once the laboratory results determine that mold levels are within acceptable guidelines and the area has been cleared for occupant safety, final documentation will be provided to the customer for their records. This is important to maintain for future reference in the event that health concerns arise or if the property is ever sold.

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