Asbestos Survey

Could your office, home or place of business contain asbestos? Although the dangers of asbestos are now well known. Existing buildings in California and throughout the country may contain asbestos that is damaged causing potential health hazards.

In fact, Southern California – and Los Angeles in particular – has an extremely high incidence rate for mesothelioma. According to an Environmental Working Group report, Los Angeles County has the United States’ highest mesothelioma rate.

If your building hasn’t been surveyed for asbestos, you could be spending your time in an unhealthy, potentially hazardous environment. This is the case even for homes, offices and other buildings constructed following the 1978 phase out of asbestos.

A-Tech Consulting’s asbestos inspection and survey services lets you locate asbestos that could exist in your home and, if present, arrange for its removal. It can also provide important peace of mind that your living or working environment is safe and healthy.

The dangers of asbestos exposure

Today, almost everyone is aware of mesothelioma – a rare form of lung cancer that’s caused by exposure to asbestos. Far fewer people are aware that asbestos also has a range of other negative health effects, particularly related to the respiratory system.

These include a significantly increased risk of developing lung cancer, as well as the possibility of developing asbestosis – a condition that causes lung inflammation and reduces the ability of a person to breathe normally.

Although the most severe negative health effects of asbestos exposure are typically seen in workers that were directly exposed to the substance, spending time inside a structure with airborne asbestos fibers/dust can increase your risk of negative health effects.

Could your building contain asbestos?

Although asbestos was phased out from being used in the United States in 1978, many building companies were allowed to continue using their remaining stock of asbestos for the next decade according to the current law.

This means that a huge number of buildings in the Los Angeles area built between 1930 – when asbestos was widely used for insulation – and the mid 1980s have potential to contain dangerous amounts of asbestos, and even modern buildings can contain asbestos containing material. Asbestos material can be used in products with content of up to 3% of total material composition.

This means if a home, office, retail store or other workplace was built during this period of time, it could potentially contain asbestos. If this is the case, an asbestos inspection and abatement can help you make your home or work environment safer.

Are you planning to renovate or remodel?

Having your home or workplace inspected for asbestos is particularly important if you are planning to renovate or remodel. This is because the process of renovating could potentially release asbestos particles into the air inside your building. Federal, State and local regulations require a survey to be conducted by a certified site surveillance technician or certified asbestos consultant, such as one of our technicians. Impacting building materials without a certified inspection can result in hefty fines and possible jail time for negligence by creating a hazardous exposure.

A-Tech Consulting, Inc is here to help you make sure your home or workplace is healthy, environmentally sound and free of asbestos hazards. With an asbestos survey, we can check for the presence of asbestos in the materials used to construct your building.

In the event that asbestos is found inside your home or commercial building, we can create a plan of action to have this hazardous and dangerous material removed from your home or workplace, eliminating a serious threat to your personal health.

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