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Occupational Safety, Hazardous Waste and Regulatory Compliance

Gone are the days when you could pull a permit and let loose the wrecking ball to the side of a building. Today, many regulation require proper occupational safety and environmental compliance for their employees and subcontractors. Hazardous materials assessments, proper removal, and disposal requirements are regulated by Federal, State, and Local agencies as well as a multitude of other regulatory compliance laws that apply to something as simple as the removal of a toilet.

Construction workers do not want to handle every aspect of compliance law, so they need a team of professionals working hard to make sure their work is permissible every step of the way. Once our job is accomplished, they can freely complete their project without paperwork and compliance law hassle.

Our safety and health compliance experts are here to keep your projects on task and moving forward without wasting time. We cover environmental due diligence as follows:

• Construction Dust Control Monitoring
• Infection Control
• Silica Monitoring
• Universal Hazardous Waste Assessment
• Asbestos and Lead Assessments and Monitoring
• Mold Assessments and Mitigation Monitoring
• UST Removal Monitoring
• Phase I, II & III Assessments
• Radon Testing
• Occupational Safety and Health Compliance

A-Tech also retains the following certifications for contractors working on publically funded projects:

• Metro Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) #6425
• Los Angeles Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) #12514
• Department of General Services California Small Business Enterprise (SBE) #32512

If you need to move a wall in your office, or level an entire high rise building, A-Tech is the authority in environmental consulting, and has the staff and experience to keep you in regulatory compliance without inflated costs or headaches. By choosing A-Tech, you choose to value your project.

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