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All healthcare facilities whether it is hospitals, long term care, hospice, rehabilitation facilities, or other medical buildings have infection control standards they must adhere to. All healthcare professionals understand the importance of having a proactive and preventative stance when it comes to nosocomial infection as well as exposure to chemicals that are utilized in the healthcare setting such as aldehydes and halogenated anesthesia gasses. In some cases falling out of compliance with these standards can put the healthcare facility at risk of losing accreditation and funding. Our Certified Infection Control and Indoor Environmental Consulting staff understands the importance of these requirements and are familiar with JCAHO and OSHPD environmental compliance standards. Our presence reduces your workload and keeps your facility in compliance with the programs you are both adhering to and administering.

When you need an Environmental Health Professional

A-Tech Consulting is composed of a diverse team of professionals that are trained in various disciplines of building and environmental science. We are here to assist you with your facility environmental compliance needs. Our diverse staff of ACAC board certified Indoor Environmental Consultants, ACAC board certified Environmental Infection Control Consultants and Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Professional Geologists are here to be your in-house environmental compliance team.

Our healthcare related services assist in simplifying the complicated scientific clutter associated with the environmental industry. When you need a professional to conduct an inspection of your facility for Legionella, waste gasses, asbestos, lead, mold, volatile organic compounds, water contamination, soil contamination or any other general Indoor Air Quality or environmental concern, A-Tech Consulting is ready to streamline the process. When you need a licensed Environmental Health Professional that can locate and diagnose any hazards with a systematic and thorough inspection and testing protocol, A-Tech is the company you want ensuring your patients, your staff and your own working environment is safe. We ensure your facilities environmental health is up to par with federal, state and local regulations and guidelines. So if you get that call in the middle of the night that you have a sewage contamination situation flooding the basement, or you have a planned renovation project you need to have an environmental hazards survey conducted, A-Tech is here to provide you with environmental solutions you can trust.

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