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Accidents Do Happen, How we Respond Matters

Experiencing water, fire, mudslide, wind, earthquake or other disaster loss is both stressful and emotional whether it affects your home or business property. For many, the home you own is your largest asset you possess and the home’s contents are collected over years or are family heirlooms and have both monetary and sentimental value. Likewise, business owners, often invest the best of themselves building a successful company that employs staff that they care about and provides for other families as well as their own. When a disaster occurs, it is not just building and contents that are affected, people face partial or complete loss of what they have worked hard to build over their lifetime.

Subsequent to the claim being filed a property owner can encounter multiple vendors that are part of the team that assess the loss, and plan reconstruction. A-Tech’s staff is often one of the first dispatched to assess environmental concerns at a disaster location. Over the years we have built relationships with insurance claim adjusters, remediation/restoration contractors, and general contractors that have grown to appreciate our response time (24/7/365) and tactful approach to our services.

We are professional, but sensitive to the property owner’s situation and provide simple to understand, yet precise results. Whether we are working through the insurance company or are contracted directly through the property owner, we understand how to approach a claims project expeditiously, accurately, and sensitively. Our trained staff can handle all assessment and monitoring needs including:

• Asbestos Inspections
• Lead Paint Testing
• Microbial Assessments
• Smoke and Soot Testing
• Biohazard Consulting
• Indoor Air Quality
• Third party Contents Inventory
• Radon Testing
• Clearance Testing
• Laboratory Services

A-Tech Consulting’s staff is highly trained; an experienced team that is well diversified in the multi-disciplined building environment science. A-Tech Consulting simplifies the complicated scientific clutter associated with the environmental industry.

When you need a licensed Environmental Health Professional that can locate and diagnose any hazards with a systematic, thorough inspection and testing protocol, A-Tech is the one for your project. A-Tech cares about getting your property restored and provides environmental solutions you can trust.

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