Legionella Testing 

Are you concerned about Legionella? Legionella is a dangerous bacteria found in a range of man made water systems that can cause serious health issues, including Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever.

Legionella is a common bacteria that can be found in untreated water systems in many buildings. Buildings with water systems that maintain a temperature of 68°-120° Fahrenheit or greater have a particular risk of Legionella amplification.

If you’re concerned about your workplace having Legionella risks, it’s important to have your building’s water system tested. We can provide Legionella water testing services to help you ensure your building air and water is safe.

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a bacteria that can be found in soil and water systems. When humans come into contact with legionella, it can lead to a variety of health issues including Legionnaires’ disease – a form of pneumonia that can, in some cases, be fatal.

While everyone can potentially become infected by Legionella, certain people are at a higher risk than others. People aged over 45 that smoke or drink, as well as people with kidney, respiratory or heart diseases, face a higher Legionella related disease risk.

Is there a Legionella risk in your workplace?

Legionella is a bacteria, and like other bacteria it need optimal conditions in order to grow and spread. Water systems that provide good conditions for legionella growth create a high risk of building occupants coming into contact with the bacteria.  Hospitals are especially susceptible to Legionella related diseases as the water systems within the facilities are complex and many of the patients are compromised due to surgeries, diseases, cancer and other issues that make them a high risk population.  The Veterans Health Administration enforces the VHA Directive 1061 for all hospital and healthcare facilities and are good practices for all hospitals to follow to monitor water and manage water systems.

Hotels and high rise buildings are also at a significant risk of Legionella disease outbreaks due to their complex water systems that sometimes are not used in vacant areas causing stagnant pipe legs that are prime reservoirs for Legionella activity. Following the ASHRAE 188 Guidelines is a good way to monitor and maintain water systems to reduce risk of a Legionella related disease outbreak.

Not all workplaces are at risk of Legionella. However, larger and multi-floor buildings with water systems that maintain a temperature between 68 and 120°F have a higher risk of Legionella bacteria development.

Legionella is also more common in water systems that disperse small droplets of water via mist such as decorative fountains, water systems with cooling towers, systems that recirculate used water and steam rooms or whirlpools.

Rust and organic matter are particularly serious Legionella risks, as they present a nutritional source for the bacteria. If your building’s water system fits into any of the profiles listed above, you should consider Legionella testing.

Comprehensive Legionella Testing Services

A-Tech Consulting offers comprehensive Legionella risk assessments and testing designed to identify the presence of Legionella in your building’s water system. Our sampling and assessments are comprehensive and follow either the VHA Directives 1061 or ASHRAE 188 Guidelines depending on the situation of the project. Our tests can reveal even a small presence of Legionella, allowing you to take immediate preventative action. If Legionella is detected in your building, our Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant can provide specific guidelines and recommendations to properly treat the water system based on the individual situation.

Are you unsure or whether or not your building is a Legionella risk? Our Legionella risk assessments can identify major risk factors within your building that could be potential Legionella sources and keep you in compliance with the ASHRAE 188 Guidelines.

Identifying, locating and eliminating Legionella significantly reduces your building’s health risks and ensures its occupants are safe. Legionella can lead to dangerous and potentially deadly diseases – make sure it has no presence in your building.

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If your building has a water system that could potentially contain Legionella, having it assessed and tested is essential for making sure your building’s occupants remain safe and protected from major health issues and public relations concerns.

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