Mold Inspection

From classic homes to modern apartment buildings, mold can affect a huge range of different living spaces and workplaces. When mold develops in a building, it has the potential to cause a range of serious health effects and allergic reactions.

Although some mold is obvious and easy to remove, mold can often develop in areas of your building that aren’t frequently used. A common cause of mold is leaking and ineffective pipes that allow water to drain into concealed walls or ceiling cavities of your building.

Over time, a buildup of mold within your home or place of business can result in a range of negative health effects. These can vary from minor allergies to severe and dangerous issues such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis asthma and even lung cancer.

A-Tech Consulting, Inc. mold inspection service is suitable for both small and large buildings, allowing you to identify mold developments that could affect occupants’ health and facilitate a complete remediation of mold that’s developed in your building.

The Health Risks Related to Mold

Mold grows in damp conditions and can lead to a range of health conditions. These include allergic reactions, mouth and throat soreness, headache, lethargy, sneezing, itchy skin or rashes and even shortness of breath. It is important to note that you don’t need to be allergic to mold to develop an allergy to mold. Coming into contact with mold spores via your home or office air over an elapsed timeframe can trigger the development of a mold allergy.

Asthma is another serious health effect of mold exposure. Research indicates that as much as 15% of asthmatics may have had their illness either caused or worsened by exposure to mold or other hazardous materials in the workplace.

Could your Building Contain Mold?

Even new, modern buildings can develop mold hazards during moisture intrusion incidents. Our mold inspection is suitable for both classic homes and buildings and modern ones – after all, both are at risk of mold hazard development.

If your building has experienced plumbing, drainage or moisture issues in the past, its risk of developing mold could be increased. Mold is also far more likely to develop in humid, damp areas than in drier climates.

Whether your home, apartment or office is 1 or 50 years old, there is a risk that it could be affected by mold. With an A-Tech mold survey, you can identify and remediate hazardous fungal growth from your property, removing a risk to occupants’ health.

Learn More About our Mold Inspection Services

A-Tech Consulting has assisted a wide range of building owners in detecting, locating and removing mold and other environmental hazards from their properties. With a mold inspection, we can help you do the same and improve the health of your building protecting the building occupants from environmental hazards.

Whether you’re concerned or unsure that there is mold growth occurring inside your building, we are here to help you eliminate the mold exposure before it develops into a major health risk.

If mold is found within your building, A-Tech Consulting, Inc. can design and implement a work plan to successfully and efficiently remove the mold from your building with the minimum level of disruption to your living environment or business.

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