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No Two Municipal Agencies are the Same

Agencies operating within municipal organizations cover a vast array of individual departments. Some of which are included within these organizations are public works, parks and recreation, department of water and power, community development, military, sheriff and fire departments, and risk management. These agencies all have very unique environmental concerns and needs, internal processes, and budgets that make it important for the government agency to retain a consulting firm that is familiar with individual agency protocols. These agencies must not only provide competent environmental health services, but also employ an administrative staff that is experienced with the unique and diverse requirements that correspond with each governing agency. Documentation from the contracted consulting firm must be detailed and accurate, project deadlines must be met, reports and invoices must be submitted in specific formats and follow the protocol outlined in the contracts. Not following the internal procedures can cause the agency to lose funding. The A-Tech administrative staff understands the importance of these requirements and is experienced with following all government contracts to reduce your workload and keep your project in compliance with necessary guidelines.

A-Tech, Keeping the Government in Compliance with the Government

Most public service personnel are familiar with the extensive internal processes and protocols that must be followed. When it comes to the external governing laws and regulations that each agency must stay in compliance with, it can be overwhelming for agency personnel to implement internal requirements and ensure their projects are complying with the required regulations. A-Tech Consulting has the ongoing working relationship with all of these agencies and is experienced with their procedures and requirements. Our professionals have the regulatory knowledge, practical experience, and established practices to ensure that your agency’s projects are kept in compliance, on schedule, and within budget. Handling the complexities of your environmental projects and reducing the risk of your exposure is our job, and we strive for excellence on every assignment.

A-Tech Excels in Experience and Response

A-Tech is accustomed to the Request for Quote or Proposal (RFQ/RFP) and Purchase Order processes. Our firm understands the sensitive nature of conducting environmental services in public facilities, and we handle each environmental project with the sensitivity to the concerns of the civic personnel and general public. Currently, A-Tech is under contract with over 40 municipal agencies including VA and State Hospitals, redevelopment, housing authorities, courthouses, beaches and harbors, public and social services, probation departments, internal services departments and more. For a list of municipal references, please contact our office, we would love to talk to you and provide you with more information.

Here at A-Tech, we take our service very seriously. We are on call 24/7/365. If you have a flood, fire, or an earthquake we are there to respond. If your employee has an environmentally related health concern, we are there to assess. If you need to pull that permit tomorrow and need that environmental site assessment today, we can make it happen. No matter the problem, A-Tech Consulting is your “Certified Problem Solver.”

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