Environmental Compliance in Orange County 

Is your building environmentally compliant? Air pollution and asbestos usage in many Orange County buildings mean that your building could have a serious health hazard or environmental problem that needs to assessed and rectified.

Buildings in Orange County face a wide range of environmental issues, from heavy use of asbestos and lead during the mid-20th century building boom to air quality issues that are caused by traffic, industrial emissions and proximity to the ocean. A-Tech Consulting, Inc. works with a wide range of businesses in Orange County to make sure they’re compliant with all environmental standards and regulations, and to remove health threats such as mold, lead and asbestos from their working environments.

Our experienced team has worked with a range of businesses in Orange County to provide compliance advice and assistance. If you’re concerned about your building having health or environmental issues, we’re here to help.

Orange County Air Pollution

Orange County’s proximity to major expressways has created a number of health and environmental issues for businesses and residents. Although air pollution is lower than in Los Angeles, rates in many areas are still extremely high.

According to a 2014 State of the Air report, Southern California is home to several of the most polluted metropolitan areas in the United States. About 60% of Americans live in areas that are polluted to the point that air quality is a potential health issue.

This air pollution can cause your residential, commercial or industrial building to become affected by allergens and airborne hazards. If you’re concerned about the level of air pollution in your area, our experienced team can provide assistance.

A-Tech has worked with a wide range of businesses throughout the Orange County to reduce and abate the effects of air pollution. Our work includes testing for toxic VOCs, radon, Legionella, mold, allergens and other environmental hazards such stemming from either external and internal pollution sources.

If you’re concerned about the air pollution and its potentially serious effects on the air quality within your office or residence, call our Orange County environmental consulting firm. Our expert team provides indoor air quality testing service that can help you make your living space or workplace a healthier, safer place to be.

Asbestos Issues in Orange County

Orange County experienced a major building boom during the 1950s until the late 1970s. Tens of thousands of houses and commercial or industrial buildings were constructed during this time period, many of which contained asbestos.

Although asbestos was phased out for sale as a building material in the late 1970s, the numerous construction companies throughout the United States that had stock of asbestos were permitted to continue using it in new buildings. Even today products with less than 3% asbestos or “mineral fibers” are still permissible for use in the United States. This has left many Orange County buildings affected by potentially dangerous asbestos substances.

Asbestos is a dangerous substance, with proven links to a range of respiratory and general health issues including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.

Do you have concerns about asbestos in your Orange County building? Our team can survey your building for asbestos and, if required, remove dangerous asbestos from your building, preventing your building from posing a threat to your health.

Lead Paint Usage and Hazards in Orange County

The residential and commercial building boom in Orange County during the mid-to-late 20th century means that many of the areas houses and buildings were painted using paints that we now know contain dangerous lead levels that can create extensive adverse health effects.

When lead based paint is damaged it creates dust that can cause hazardous lead to enter your business or home’s indoor air, creating a potentially serious health risk that can affect your family or, if you’re the owner of a commercial building, its occupants.

If you’re concerned about the usage of lead paint in your Orange County home or  business, A-Tech is here to help you. Our lead services include lead paint sampling to determine if you are at risk and tailored lead management services to maintain or mitigate hazardous lead in your work and living environments.

Orange County Environmental Consulting

California’s strict environmental regulations make your job, as a building owner, a potentially difficult one. If you have questions about environmental compliance, we are here to help you.

Our expert team can provide advice, assistance and action on all aspects of keeping your building environmentally compliant. Our highly trained staff understand all of the environmental issues affecting California building owners in Orange County.

Whether you have concerns about the materials used in your building or just need help understanding and complying with California’s environmental regulations, we are here to help. Give our experienced team a call today for advice and assistance.


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