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As a property manager, you may be very familiar with tenant grievances related to their living or working environments. At times, you might receive a concern that is vague in nature, with no identified cause or adverse health symptoms. Other times, you might be given a list of health symptoms and possible causes that is overwhelmingly detailed and extraordinarily thorough. In either situation, the building environment-related health complaints should be addressed in a tactful, professional, and expeditious manner to keep the property manager and tenant relationship intact. Ignoring tenant concerns can be counterproductive to maintaining a positive tenant environment. Many times, concerns can be easily addressed and rectified by trained property management staff that can conduct a visual inspection and solve the tenant’s concerns immediately. Other times, environmental health concerns and building health concerns arise that will require the assistance of an experienced, licensed and trained Environmental Health Professional (EHP).

When you need an EHP

A-Tech Consulting is composed of a diverse team of professionals that are trained in various disciplines of building and environmental science. When you need a professional to conduct an inspection of your properties for asbestos, lead, mold, volatile organic compounds, gasses, water contamination, soil contamination, or any other general Indoor Air Quality or Environmental concern, A-Tech Consulting is ready to streamline the process. When you need a licensed Environmental Health Professional that can locate and diagnose any hazards with a systematic and thorough inspection and testing, A-Tech is the company you want ensuring you, your staff, and/or your tenants, that the working or living environment is safe. We ensure your property’s environmental health is up to par with federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines. In the event that you have a sewage emergency that is flooding the building, or you need to have an environmental hazards survey conducted, A-Tech is here to provide you with environmental solutions that you can trust.

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