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Dream Home or Environmental Nightmare?

The foundation of the American Dream begins with the pride of owning a home and experiencing the joy of birthdays, BBQs, and creating lasting memories in that home. While usually homes are filled with happy times and warm memories, unfortunately, unexpected environmental issues can interrupt these moments. Many homeowners do not realize that they can be exposing their loved ones to toxic lead or asbestos during a simple window replacement or kitchen remodel. Some homeowners are unaware of the health risks associated with mold exposure, radon gases, and carbon monoxide leaks.

According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 38 million U.S. homes contain lead-based paint and an estimated 24 million U.S. homes contain significant lead-based paint hazards. With lead and mold being a significant health concern and asbestos being a known carcinogen, it is important for homeowners to be educated on the basic hazards, health risks, and the safe way to approach to these environmental dangers.

A-Tech Helps to Keeps Your Dream a Reality

During a purchase, renovation, or remodel of a home, various areas in your house will be affected. Prior to purchasing or remodeling, it is a good idea to test materials in areas of the property that you plan on remodeling or impacting in any way. A-Tech Consulting will be there to simplify the complicated process within the environmental industry. When you need a professional to conduct an inspection for asbestos, lead, mold, radon, volatile organic compounds, gases, or any other general Indoor Air Quality concern, A-Tech Consulting is ready to streamline the process, in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines. Our state certified Environmental Health Professionals are specialists with intensive training and extensive experience who will diagnose potential health hazards in your home. If you need a licensed Environmental Health Specialist to locate and diagnose any hazards with a systematic and thorough inspection and testing protocol, A-Tech is the company that you want to ensure your living environment is safe. You will receive a report that provides you with detailed and accurate conclusions, prognosis, and recommendations. No matter the job, A-Tech is here to provide you a cost-effective environmental inspection compliant with regulations and peace of mind knowing your home is an environmentally safe living space.

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