Rodent Infestation Assessment

Environmental Assessment to Reduce Rodent Infestation

Does your building have a rodent problem? Whether you need assistance stopping an existing rodent infestation or simply have concerns about mice and rats in your building, we’re here to help.

Rodents are a major health hazard for residential and commercial buildings, as well as a serious unwanted pest. Worse yet, rodent infestations can quickly develop from bad to worse, as many rodents can quickly reproduce and spread in your building.

We offer rodent infestation assessment services to help you deal with rodent issues of all scales, improve livability and health in your building and ensure rodents aren’t an issue again for your building and its occupants.

What are the health effects of a rodent infestation?

Infestations of mice and rats are obviously undesirable, but they’re also potential health risks. Many rodents can carry disease, making it important that any rodent infestations in your building are dealt with quickly.

Rodents can spread several vector-borne diseases, including dangerous diseases such as rabies. The dirty environments in which rodents live can also result in the spread of bacteria in areas that they inhabit.

If you own a building with a rodent infestation, it’s essential that you take firm and immediate action to ensure the infestation is removed to prevent the building from becoming an unsafe, unhealthy and unsuitable environment for people to live in.

Are rodents a health risk in your building?

The old wisdom that when you see one rodent, you’ll likely find many more is quite true. If you notice mice or rats in your building, it’s highly likely that a large number of rodents are around, often hidden in areas that you can’t see directly.

If your building contains rodents, it’s important that you deal with the infestation as quickly as possible. Waiting to contain and remove a rodent infestation could result in it becoming worse as the rodents reproduce.

Take immediate action if you see mice or rats in your building, particularly in areas that are far away from drains or garbage disposal facilities. The sight of one or two rodents could indicate a large-scale infestation that needs to be dealt with.

We can help you safely manage a rodent infestation

If you building is infested with rodents, it’s important that you seek expert advice before you take action. Many commercial available pesticides can damage human health and cause potentially deadly side effects for dogs, cats and other pets.

Some pesticides are also toxic to plant life in your building, causing serious issues when misused. We can provide the advice and information you need to effectively contain and eliminate a rodent infestation in your building.

We can also provide detailed risk assessments to provide you with information on potential infestation issues in your building. Even if your building isn’t infested, it’s important to know its risk factors to take preventative action against rodents.

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Are you concerned about the potential for rodents to move into your building? If you have concerns about rodents, or you’ve spotted signs of a rodent infestation, we’re here to help you.

Our experienced team can provide risk assessment services and information that will help keep your building safe, secure, healthy and rodent free.

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