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A Facilities Managers’ Many Functions

As a Facilities Manager of a school or school district, you go about your daily business keeping up on the maintenance of each school. You are continuously addressing and repairing various issues within the school. Largely, you are in charge of the health and safety of each student and staff who attend or work at the school. As time has elapsed, buildings are getting older, building envelopes in newer buildings are getting tighter, and occupancy rates for buildings are at or exceeding capacity, which makes your job of keeping the occupant environment healthy more challenging. One or two children with a cold or lice can start a school wide epidemic, construction at a nearby building can cause respiratory distress for students with asthma, and heat differentials within the building versus outside the building can cause condensation within the building envelope, contributing to fungal activity. Even the most proactive Facilities Managers’ are up against situations outside of their control that can have drastic public relations consequences. There are often stories on the radio or in the news about various schools who have parents and students complaining about various environmental issues. Trying to tackle all of these potential hazards on top of regular duties can make these additional tasks seem overwhelming.

A-Tech to the Rescue!

A-Tech Consulting Inc. aims to make sure that you are never alone when tackling any problems associated with environmental hazards. We do this through a multi-layered approach to your environmental risks. A-Tech conducts a very thorough three-year AHERA re-inspection and six-month periodic ACM condition inspection.

If we see any other potential environmental hazards during our site visits we take an inventory of these hazards and immediately notify our point of contact. In past surveys, we have encountered inappropriately containerized and stored hazardous liquids, fungal activity, damaged lead containing paint near student desks, and insect infestations. When a hazard is identified, the situation is assessed, and a plan will be formulated to get the situation rectified as soon as possible. This proactive approach keeps your schools safe for your students, teachers and staff.

The Nuts and Bolts: AHERA Re-inspections

At this point you may be thinking, it would be helpful to have A-Tech handle my lead, mold, IAQ, soils, HAZMAT, and other environmental issues, but what about AHERA? For schools, we understand the importance of staying in compliance with the AHERA requirements which specifies that every three years, each of school must be assessed by a certified asbestos consultant to verify the condition of all known or suspect asbestos-containing building materials (ACBMs). These thorough reinspections are conducted by our California DOSH-Certified technicians who have had experience conducting this type of reinspection hundreds of times. Whether you need a full initial inspection conducted, you want a complete revamp of information you have, or you like your data format and just want the material information updated we will follow a protocol that will fit your needs. Many school districts we have met with have frustrations over two things: 1. Their AHERA reinspection data is too complex and they do not understand the data or the other side of the spectrum 2. Their AHERA reinspection data is inaccurate, missing information, or is too basic, still keeping them out of compliance with the regulations. Each time we have met with school district representatives and provided our AHERA format to them, we receive a positive response. At no additional cost to our clients, we conduct a environmental hazard risk assessment on the schools, simultaneously with the AHERA reinspections. All of our clients appreciate this multi-layered level of protection they are getting from our inspections.

Customer Service

Here at A-Tech, we take our Customer’s Satisfaction very seriously. We are on call 24/7/365.
We are very familiar with the Purchase Order process, the sensitive nature of our inspection process, and the respect that the school staff and students deserves. Our staff are pre-background screened prior to employment and employees on school district projects have gone through LifeScan through various current clients. We take both the environmental and physical safety of your students, staff, and building contents very seriously. Most of our staff has been with us over five years and no junior staff would conduct school inspections without our senior staff present. Our goal is to make sure we complete every job using the best industry practices, as well as the highest trained, responsible and trustworthy staff in the industry. We understand the headaches that come with managing a crisis so we approach every aspect of our service with great detail giving you peace of mind. We are not just your environmental consultants, we are your environmental team.

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