Comprehensive Environmental Services

Asbestos Services

Utilizing a balanced approach, A-Tech provides our clients with results that identify, manage, and mitigate potential asbestos liabilities. A-Tech combines the expertise of a professional staff that include state licensed Asbestos Consultants and Site Surveillance Technicians with independent pre-qualified accredited laboratories. Together we provide our clients with easy to understand reports that assist in navigating through each phase of a project from inception to completion.

Asbestos services we provide include:

• Asbestos Surveys
• Abatement Design Services/Project Specifications
• Abatement Monitoring
• Operations & Maintenance Programs and Management
• Asbestos Management Plan Administration Services
• 24 Hour 7 Days a Week Emergency Response
• Air, Bulk, Micro-Vac Surface and Soil Asbestos Content Sampling
• SCAQMD Procedure 5, Emergency Assessments and Plans for Impacted ACM
• Scheduled Re-inspection Assessments for Schools, Government and Private Firms
• Asbestos Training Service

Lead Services

A-Tech Consulting, Inc. provides HUD level and/ or OSHA worker exposure directed inspections, risk assessments, on-site project monitoring, and clearance sampling by experienced CA Department of Public Health licensed Inspector/Assessors and/or Project Monitors. We tailor our lead management services to the intended outcome of a project to avoid unnecessary information and cost to the client.

Lead services provided include:

• Lead In Paint Survey (Paint Chip Sampling)
• HUD Level XRF Inspection
• Lead Risk Assessments
• Remediation Oversight
• Air, Chip, Wipe and Soil Lead Content Sampling
• Scheduled Re-Inspection for Schools, Government and Private entities
• Potable Water Sampling
• Lead Training Service

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a very real concern that can adversely affect general occupational health and safety. Adverse health affects of building occupants related to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a known contributor to reduction in employee production and increased absences. Employees that perceive they occupy a unsafe work environment contributes to lower employee moral, loss of revenue and increased risk of liability to the employer. A-Tech comprehensively investigates IAQ concerns that may correlate to Building Related Illnesses (BRI), such as microbial contamination, external and internal pollutant sources, HVAC systems, volatile organic compounds, noise pollution, chemical use and chemical storage. Our IAQ investigations and reports are detailed and thorough and will include recommendations to assist in rectifying IAQ deficiencies and hazards identified during the investigation.

The most common hazards investigated and constituents tested include but are not limited to:

• HVAC System Inspection
• Carbon Dioxide
• Carbon Monoxide
• Formaldehyde
• Legionella
• Sewage Contamination
• Bacterial and Viral Contaminants
• Respirable Particulates (Fugitive Dust)
• Allergens
• Dust Mites
• Rodent Infestation
• Respirable Particulates
• Radon
Noise Monitoring
• Indoor Lighting
• Outdoor Pollutant Sources
• Other Volatile Organic Compounds

Fungal, Bacterial & Moisture Investigations and Remedial Activities

Fungal and bacterial contamination can originate through many sources within a building and can proliferate rapidly, causing a widespread occurrence of opportunistic infectious diseases in an occupied space. Mold or bacteria evaluations indicate potential moisture and growth sources as well as the type and extent of contamination allowing the trained Environmental Health Professional to develop a response and remediation plan that will rectify the contamination, protecting building occupants from exposure and building representatives from costly medical or legal liability.

Investigation and Remedial activities include:

• Air, Surface and/or Bulk Sampling and Analysis to Determine the Type and Concentration of Contaminants Present
• Water Intrusion Evaluation and Source Identification with a Combined Utilization of Visual Assessment, Interviews, Thermal Imaging, and Moisture Meter Readings
• Black and Grey Water Assessments
• Design, Implementation and Management of a Remediation Plan that Is Project Specific to Remove Contamination and Inhibit Future Potential Contaminant Occurrences
• Provide Full-Time, On-Site Project Management to Implement the Remediation Plan to Ensure all Contaminants are Properly Mitigated
• Provide Post Remediation Clearance Assessment to Document Remedial Activity was Executed Effectively

Infection Control and Healthcare Related Exposure Assessments

A-Tech Consulting designs and implements Infection-Control strategies and engineering controls for healthcare facilities for both general operation practices and construction specific practices to effectively prevent opportunistic, environmentally-related infections in the immuno compromised population (nosocomial illnesses). Our Certified Infection Control and Indoor Environmental Consultants are the trusted third party resource to conduct mandatory and proactive occupational and patient exposure assessments for a variety of chemical or biological concerns that are unique to the healthcare facility setting.

Healthcare Specific Services Include:

• Infection Control Risk Assessments (General and Preconstruction)
• Infection Control Construction Monitoring
• Legionella Testing and Mitigation Design and Monitoring
• Ebola Response Planning
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training
• Occupational Exposure Risk Assessments
• Occupational Chemical Exposure Assessments
• Environmental Hazard Assessments and Mitigation Planning and Oversight

Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I -Environmental Site Assessment (Identification)
Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are typically performed as part of the “Due Diligence” process during real estate transactions. In addition to government requirements, many lending institutions have unique specifications for the preparation of an ESA, requiring the assessor to have an extensive understanding of the purpose of the assessment. Whether a large portfolio or a small municipal parcel, our site assessors are adept to the variety of ESA specifications our customers require.

Services provided during a Phase I ESA includes:

• Comprehensive site assessment by a Professional Geologist
• Review of the site, vicinity, and adjacent sites usage past and present
• Interviews of current and past owners and occupants.
• A Compilation of the Property History, Including Review of Previous Environmental Reports for the Site
• An Agency Search of Contaminated Facilities Located within the Vicinity of the Site as Required by ASTM E152713
• Review of Site Maps, Photographs, and Fire Insurance Maps
• Review of all Relevant Environmental Reports
• Review of Relevant Soil And Groundwater Reports and Activities
• A Summary of Our Findings Conclusions and Necessary Recommendations

Phase II -Subsurface Investigation (Quantification)
If a Phase I ESA concludes that the site may be contaminated or additional investigation/sampling is required, a Phase II will be initiated. The Phase II investigation is an intrusive investigation which assess whether identified historic onsite or off site hazardous uses have impacted the subject property. Additionally, any structures on the site are assessed for various potential environmental hazards. Contaminants investigated can include underground storage tanks, asbestos, lead based paint, waste drums, contaminated soils. This phase characterizes the nature and extent of contamination on the site to enable development of a remediation plan.

Services provided during a Phase II ESA includes:

• Obtain Utility Clearance Prior to Obtaining Boring Samples
• Prepare a Site Specific Health and Safety Plan
• Collect Soil, Soil Vapor, and/ or Groundwater Samples Using Various Sampling and Drilling Methods
• Obtain and Analyze Samples Related to Regulated Chemical Constituents
• Prepare Comprehensive Environmental Report Detailing Analytical Data & Remedial Recommendations

Phase III -Remediation and Site Clean-up (Remediation)
The Phase III ESA is performed when previous ESAs positively identified the presence of contaminated material(s) at the subject property. The Phase III ESA encompasses the process of abatement methods to remediate the property of identified hazardous containments. Once it is determined that abatement/remediation is necessary, detailed project specifications are developed to allow HAZMAT contractors to provide competitive bids.

Services provided during a Phase III ESA includes:

• Obtain Required Local, State, and/or Federal Permits
• Regulatory Agency Liaison
• Comprehensive Monitoring Plan
Project Management & Monitoring Through all Phases of Mitigation
• Provide On-Site and Independent Laboratory Analysis
• Provision of Final Project Close-out Documentation

Comprehensive Environmental Services

• Asbestos Technical Services
Asbestos Surveys, Management, Project Monitoring and Clearance Testing
• Lead Paint Testing, HUD Level XRF Inspections
Lead Monitoring and Technical Services
Infection Control Risk Assessment
• Infection Control Construction Monitoring
• Employee Chemical Exposure Assessments
Legionella Testing and Mitigation Design and Monitoring
• Ebola Response Planning
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training
• Environmental Due Diligence Assessments
• Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments
• Industrial Hygiene Services
Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Allergen Testing
Rodent Infestation Assessments
Radon Testing
Mold Investigations, Remediation Monitoring and Clearance Testing
• Thermal Imaging Water Source Detection
• Bacterial Contamination Investigations & Mitigation
• Biological Decontamination Verification and Testing
• HAZMAT Assessments and Remedial Oversight
Safety Inspections
• On-Site and Independent Laboratory Analysis
• Permit Compliance Assistance
• Confined Space Monitoring & Permitting
• Expert Witness Testimony
Sewage Spill Assessment

Certifications / Licences

• Professional Geologist (PG)
• Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (ACAC-CIEC)
• Council Certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant (ACAC-CEICC)
• Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC)
• Certified Lead Inspector/Assessor ( CA-DPH)
• Certified Lead Project Monitor (CA-DPH)
• Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
• Certified Confined Space Supervisor
• OSHA Safety Inspector
• HAZMAT First Responder/Supervisor

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