Sewage Spill Assessment

Microbial and Chemical Risk Assessment in Sewage Spills

Damage to sewer lines can cause sewage to flow back into your building, creating a nasty smell and a potentially serious environmental health hazard for occupants of your building.

When sewage flows back into your building or spills into its environment, it creates a hazardous situation. It’s important to deal with the health hazards of sewage in a professional manner to ensure the risk factors are minimized.

Our sewage spill assessment services document and examine sewage contamination in your building, collect samples to assess for bacterial contamination and provide a detailed account of the effects of a sewage spill.

What are the health effects of a sewage spill?

When sewer systems become damaged or blocked, it’s possible for raw sewage to flow back into your building. This is known as a “sewage spill” and it’s a potentially serious health risk for occupants of your building.

If your building is subject to sewage contamination, it’s important that you act as quickly as possible to ensure the damage is professionally assessed and cleaned to protect your building’s occupants from any health risks.

Sewage back flow presents a number of health risks. The bacteria in sewage, which often includes E.coli and other hazardous bacteria, can potentially lead to infections and sickness for people in the area affected by sewage.

In the event that a sewage spill occurs on your property, it’s essential that the area affected by the sewage contamination is assessed by a professional and cleaned to prevent infections and disease from spreading.

Responding to a sewage spill in a building

The best way to prevent sewage spills from occurring in your building is to ensure that your building’s sewage and draining system is modern, well maintained and free of issues that could lead to a blockage or back flow.

In the event that a sewage spill occurs, it’s important to take switch action to clean the affected area and understand the potential environmental health issues which could result from the sewage contamination.

As part of our sewage spill assessment services, we can assess any areas affected by sewage back flow or spillage and test affected areas for contamination by bacterial health threats such as E.coli.

Our assessment services also involve checking affected areas for hydrogen sulfide and methane, as well as carrying out a bacterial analysis on the area to ensure it’s free of serious health risks and completely sanitary.

We can also provide in-depth assessments of the scale and types of damage caused by the sewage spill, as well as actionable repair information to help your business recover from this serious issue.

Contact us to learn more

Are you concerned about the possibility of a sewage spill in your building? We can provide a detailed assessment of the risk of sewage contamination in your building and provide actionable information to help minimize sewage-related health risks.

We can also provide detailed assessments of sewage contamination to help ensure your building is safe and free of health risks after a sewage issue. Contact us now to learn more about our sewage spill assessment services.

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