Why A-Tech?

Rapid Response

Not a moment goes by without us by the phone ready to answer your call. Emergency? Unresolved issue? Whatever the problem, when you call our office a customer service representative is immediately on the line prepared to walk you through all the steps required to resolve any and every challenge.

Our team is ready 24/7 so you can rest assured we are ready to respond to your unforeseen environmental hazard emergencies. Count on us to handle any environmental emergency from cradle to grave expeditiously and professionally.

Fast Turnaround

Our industry, unfortunately, is known for its perpetually slow and inconsistent turn-around times. However A-Tech is proud to break that mold. We are consistent and turn over reports quickly, not only because we like completion, but also because we understand that our information is vital for you to continue your projects and get on with your business.

At A-Tech, we make YOU our top priority. You will find a stark difference in comparison to other companies. Our constant attention to detail, readiness to help, and efficient services will hopefully be a breath of fresh air. We make your job easier by doing ours right the first time. No confusion, and no waiting around. We understand your time is precious, and we won’t waste a moment of it.

Highly Trained Staff

We take training to the next level with thorough cross training and on-site experience. To assure everyone is on our staff qualified, all technicians and senior team members are exposed to many environmental conditions and required to be certified in many disciplines regarding environmental consulting. Everyone is fully prepared to use all required equipment and ready to respond to any emergency with enthusiasm and diligence.

We will handle every possible environmental hazard anywhere in California and Nevada with unmatched expertise. No circumstance is too wild to be tamed and controlled in the hands of our specialists. Next time you have an overwhelming situation arise, remember A-Tech is on the line ready to tame any beastly environmental catastrophe.

Detailed + Thorough

Our team members are fast and attentive to every detail. All inspections must be thorough and accurate in order to reach our standard goals of excellence. Because of the detail involved, they can make a big difference in terms of risk. An over-looked factor could cost you thousands of dollars, more wasted time, and/or make your property or project a potential liability.

If you are familiar with our industry, you know many of our competitors provide assessments that turn out to be incomplete, or even worse; they produce sloppy valuations that lack clarity and substance. At A-Tech, we take pride in our evaluations, because they are perfected in order to provide you with the right coverage and detailed information that will help you not just for a moment, but for an allotted time of thorough protection without surprises, random charges, or second and third inspections.

Why Choose A-Tech Consulting for Environmental Services and Needs

Superior Customer Service

Leading the environmental consulting industry, A-Tech is number one at solving any challenge the environment decides to produce. Our clients find that nothing can puzzle us during any phase of their projects. Since we are equipped with various necessary state and federal certifications and accreditations, our services have a wide range in order to find your project all-inclusive. From concept to completion, at A-Tech we remain dedicated to improving all landscapes by evaluating the terrain that surrounds you.

We believe in delivering cost effective environmental compliance by conforming to environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements such as site permits to operate. All you need to know is that we make compliance an easy process. We are confident you will understand why we are at the top of the industry, as we take part in your project, inspecting your environmental needs without escalating costs or causing added issues. Infiltrating your team, we work with you to make both of our jobs easier.

A-Tech is by your side consistently dedicated to excellence and refined quality.

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