A-Tech Cares Team

A-Tech Cares: Beach Clean Up

As a frequent participant in beach clean ups, A-Tech Cares decided to host their own. Our beaches are the bridge between our world and the ocean. Keeping our beach is vital to marine life and our lives. According to NOAA, at least half of Earth’s oxygen come from the ocean. Keeping the beach clean helps marine animals worldwide — Who can be affected by plastic pollution including sea turtles, seabirds and marine mammals. Lets keep our coastal environemts clean. Pick a beach to clean up and make a wave! Here is a video that highlights our beach clean up.

Lisa V. : Mental Health America

I have chosen Mental Health America because of the comfort and guidance this organization offers for all kinds of mental disorders to society. Starting from addiction, anxiety, bipolar disorder, body dysmorphia, depression, eating disorders, suicide, and so much more. You are more than your sickness. This organization plays a huge part in achieving goals to focus on and reach rather than feeding into the disorders. In this day and age society holds in emotions until they become an emotional bomb rather than speak openly on their struggles to overcome them successfully. I want to support this organization because raising awareness will make a huge difference in someone’s life when they begin looking. There is a way out from your own storm, you need to willingly start somewhere.


Reports Department: MaxLove Project

A-Techs Reports Department submitted MaxLove Project to receive a donation from A-Tech Cares. MaxLove Project is an organization with a mission to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children surviving cancer, both in treatment and beyond. We had the opportunity to speak with Adrianne, MaxLove Board Memeber, to learn more about the organization, their cause, and what more we can do to help!


Shane Goodwin: Waves for Water

I selected Waves for Water because I believe they are a great company with a very simple yet impacting concept of offering clean water to those who do not have access. They work on providing drinkable water through the implementation of portable water filter systems, the digging/renovating of bore-hole wells, and the construction of rainwater harvesting/storing systems (in places where groundwater is not accessible). This donation will help many people to have access to clean drinkable water, something we often don’t realize is hard for others to access.


Stewart Gates: The Klownski Foundation

One of my car club brothers had recommended The Klownski Foundation to me. After the conversation I knew that this would be a great foundation to contribute to.  Not only do they do great things in the coummunity but they are able to help kids in many ways. They are an inclusive community and strive to leave no one out. They are looking to create change by empowering others with a better quality of life and help create smiles for those in need. 


Alex Young:
ALS Association Orange County

After losing my mother to ALS in 2011 I knew I had to find a way to help others dealing with this terrible disease. Due to the debilitating nature of ALS it requires a huge investment from families, which most, like mine, cannot afford. As a rare disease only affecting roughly 5,000 people per year, reasearch is also incredibly underfunded. The ALSA helps with both care and equipment for families in need and funding research to find a cure for this currently incurable disease. From hosting and vounteering for events to spending time with families battling ALS, the ALSA OC has allowed me to do my part in the battle against ALS. I am thankful for the A-Tech Cares program as it has helped spread awareness and allocate funds to an organization that means so much to me.


Khang Nguyen:
The Good Fight

The main reason was the cause. Their main agenda is to raise money and support people in need. It was a struggle growing up and I bonded with my brother, who is my idol, through mma so when I knew I had an opportunity to support my favorite fighter, Dustin “Diamond” Poirier, I knew I had pull through.


Jayson Bartlette:
Unity for Orphans

I met Joe Brandi at Church 3 years ago – Founder and CEO OF Unity4orphans. Joe was doing a Christmas clothing drive for Orphans down in Baja and I volunteered to help. Unity4Orphans is a San Diego based children’s nonprofit charity serving vulnerable and abandoned kids, providing monthly orphanage service trips.