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Allergen Testing

Environmental Testing and Allergen Analysis Service Allergen testing is one of the most important aspects of environmental compliance, as well as a fundamental part of ensuring your workplace or residential building is suitable for its inhabitants. We offer allergen testing services for businesses and residential buildings located in California. Our experienced and OSHA certified team…
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Overview on Legionella

A Brief Overview on Legionella

We have been told all our lives that drinking water is the key to a healthy lifestyle. From increasing energy to flushing out toxins, consuming water indeed provides many benefits in our daily lives and long-term futures. However, we should be wary of one common type of bacteria found in our drinking water – Legionella.…
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interesting facts about mold

Seven Interesting Facts About Mold

1. Mold Grows Everywhere Yup, mold does grow everywhere. It’s outdoors and indoors – it’s omnipresent, like God Almighty. BUT the problems only start happening when mold gets indoors and finds the perfect environment to grow – usually warm, high moisture environments. Mold (like other fungi) needs food to keep on growing, such as leaves,…
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Historical Facts about Asbestos

Asbestos has some pretty remarkable properties Asbestos is the common name for six different minerals that all naturally occur. They are made of long, fibrous crystals and many can be mined into construction materials and products. Asbestos can be woven into cloth or spun into yarn, to make clothes. It can also be added to…
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