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Smoke & Soot: The Dangerous Byproduct of Wildfire Season

Smoke & Soot: The Dangerous Byproduct of Wildfire Season Summer, AKA fire season in water-deprived California is here and from the looks of it, it is going to be a lot like last year’s record-setting season. This is concerning not only for those with property in fire-prone areas but nearly every property in the state…
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June 15th: Preparing Your Business for Full Capacity

Preparing Your Business to Reopen at Full Capacity   June 15 is right around the corner and businesses across California are preparing to reopen at full capacity. Unfortunately, because so many businesses have been operating well below capacity for so long, the potential for health hazards to enter your building has greatly increased. To ensure…
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Top 5 Hazards of Returning to Class

School is back in session! In California, schools are opening and students and teachers will return to campuses. While we are all eager to get kids back in the classroom, reoccupying these rooms after an extended period of closure requires some careful planning. With returning to campus come concerns by many parents, teachers and staff…
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National Clean Air Month is Now!

Did you know that the month of May is National Clean Air Month? The American Lung Association (ALA) is the leading organization and a trusted source in America, working to save lives by improving health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy, and research. Every year since 1972, the ALA has sponsored Clean Air Month…
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